September 9, 2013

Miley Cyrus Naked, Sideboob Wrecking Ball Video Leaked

Miley Cyrus has changed my mind. She looks smoking hot naked. She's toned, fit, petite, tan, smooth. I don't mean to make her sound edible, but you know she totally is. Here's nude Miley Cyrus in her sexy new "Wrecking Ball" music video, directed by Terry Richardson. I hate that man. He's seen more vaginas than a gynecologist.


  1. What a disgusting, talentless, drug-filled, disease ridden, spoiled rich-brat, whorebag slut. I don't understand how anyone could even think she is attractive with her crappy prison-grade tattoos that are scattered around her as if their location was solely chosen at random by a retarded blind man in the middle of an epileptic seizure. If she was the last woman on earth I would make sure that her DNA was spread all over; all over the wall, the floor, the ceiling, etc. Because I would shoot her in the face until there was nothing left so I could ensure that that was the ONLY way her defective DNA had propagated onward. Her fans could then collect pieces of her brain with a spoon to sell on eBay.

  2. Robert Rand1/21/14, 9:45 PM

    Dang a bit harsh don't you think she is no longer a little girl and she is breaking out of that sweet little mold that Hollywood pigeon holed her into and that is no small task, I give her props for doing it!!! and for the ultra conservatives if you don't like it don't watch it but keep your opinions polite because they happen to be like butt holes, everyone has one and it usually stinks, so go easy on the lady, she is finding herself and if anyone of us would have had a spot light on us during our not so proud moments in life I don't think that we would be looked at any differently. we all have had our moments we are not proud of but yet we still kept on living and trying to make our way and those that hindered us and judged us were some of the most unfriendly people you can meet, I have to disagree with your statement as a whole it was simply a lashing out and no corrective advice at all was given if you wish to simply attack someone do it on your own blog, twitter it, or fb it but really this is not the place for your rantings that are only intended to downgrade and belittle those who are in the public eye!!! you try it for one month being under the microscope and i am sure your bound to make or say something that will offend someone and then you have to deal with the backlash of people speaking of you as if you were the lowest form of life on this planet, then you will have earned the right to say what ever you want!