June 27, 2014

Joanna Krupa TOPLESS, For The Win

Joanna Krupa is a stunning Polish model who is famous for taking her clothes off on camera, sleeping with other women's husbands (allegedly), appearing on Real Housewives of Miami, competing on Dancing With the Stars, and being easy on the eyes. Joanna always looks like she's trying to seduce you, but that's just her face.

I know just where to put those full lips of hers! Krupa was photographed for a calendar of hers. Why do celebrities still make sexy calendars when there's Internet porn is beyond me. Krupa looks really sexy here. She has a thick accent and her t!ts look fake. In short, I would love to allow her to make me jizz. 

Lea Michele Bikini Pics

There's something sexy about Lea Michele and that's her rock hard tight @ss. Lea lives in Los Angeles and frequently goes to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where she posts bikini pictures. She isn't my typical type, but I wouldn't turn her down if she wanted to suck me off.

Lea looks virginal, but she's currently dating a gigolo, allegedly. She looks very teachable, though, and she has great lips - it's all about prioritizing. For some inexplicable reason I'm into her, well her pictures at least. Lea stars on Glee. The Fox series has one more season but she'll be getting her own spinoff on Fox. Her friends are hot too, which means she may not be the jealous psycho @ss b!tch type. Score!

June 26, 2014

Miley Cyrus Topless Selfie

Miley Cyrus looks like a lesbian, but she also looks like a boy who hasn't gone through puberty yet. She's like a lesbian who had her penis removed who was born a male but wanted to have sex with men without coming outta the closet.

So here's Miles posting "sexy" pics on Instagram. This woman is a boner killer. She's too skinny to have much fun with, her hair is too short for me to tug on, and her voice sounds like has the flu and just woke up from a 12 hour nap. 

I don't mean to be harsh with Ms. Cyrus. Miley Cyrus naked pictures are damn hot. I just think that she doesn't know that being unattractive doesn't mean you have to go the Lady Gaga route by distracting us with your naked bod. Or at least she should commit to being a whore full-time. In summary, until she stops cock teasing and starts to twerk while naked, I just can't respect her.

June 25, 2014

Miranda Kerr: Topless Goddess

Miranda Kerr topless photos are always flawless because this chick knows how to work a camera. Miranda stars in a commercial where she gets naked and takes a shower. Before that ad, I never knew that she had a good @ss, or I forgot that she did.

Here she is in Elle Spain reminding us that the women in Australia are always hotter than the overweight broads we have here in the States. With obesity rates rising every year, hot chicks should be put on the endangered species list. They can hide out at my place while I preserve their DNA by knocking 'em up. Thank me later.

Once again we're reminded that foreign chicks make the best models and they dominate the supermodel industry here in the States. Miranda makes Granny panties look as sexy as a see through thong. I want her to drape those long legs over my shoulders and pull me into her glory hole with each thrust. That's pretty impossible for a woman who must way 92 lbs to do, but dreaming is believing.